Blurt Out 1 - The LYCE Digitization


脱口而出 第 1 辑

— 看懂是骗人的!听懂是不够的!说出来才是自己的!




My Pledge/Oath 我的誓言

What's your story?

You can't speak! You can't understand! You feel bad! You feel hopeless!

That's crazy! Cheer up!

It's not the end of the world.

Speaking English is a piece of cake.

Don't look back. Enjoy losing face. Just forget about your face.

The more mistakes you make, the more progress you make.

Don't give up.

Just try your best.

Relax! Don't panic! Take it easy!

Be patient and enjoy yourself.

Learning English should be fun.

Speaking good English is no big deal.

It's worth your time and effort.

It's an easy job. Do something about it. You have no choice. No more excuses!

Get moving. Let's get started! Let's talk in English! You'd better do it now.

I have every confidence in you. I want to be proud of you.

It's my pleasure to help you anytime.

You can count on me!

Don't worry about it, I'm serious.

I'll try my best to help you.

We will make it together.



— 疯狂背诵一百个句型!一百个名型可以造成千上万个句子!

Do you like Chinese food/studying Chinese/him/movies/our city/sports/watching sports/traveling/cars/driving/chasing girls?

1. I am… 我是

I am an office worker. 我是上班族。

2. I work for… 我在……工作

I work for the government. 我在政府机关做事。

3. I'm happy to… 我很高兴;我很荣幸

I'm happy to meet you. 我很高兴见到你。

4. I like.. 我喜欢

I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。

5. I'm glad to… 我很高兴

I'm glad to see you again. 我很高兴再次见到你。

6. I'll… 我会;我将

I'll call you. 我会打电话给你。

7. I feel like… 我想

I feel like sleeping/taking a walk. 我想睡/散步。

8. I want… 我想要

I want something to eat. 我想吃点东西。

9. I need… 我需要

I need your help. 我需要你的帮助。

10. I would like to… 我想;我愿意

I would like to talk to you for a minute. 我想和你谈一下。

This sentence is so common!
However, it usually means you are in for a long discussion about something important.
American parents use this sentence before telling their children about sex, or warning them about the dangers of drugs!
Very serious talk follows a very light invitation.

11. I have… 我有

I have a lot of problems. 我有很多问题。

12. I hope… 我希望

I hope our dreams come true. 我希望我们的梦想成真。

13. I'm looking forward to… 我期待;我期望

I'm looking forward to seeing you. 我期望见到你。

14. I'm supposed to… 我应该

I'm supposed to go on a diet/get a raise. 我应该节食/涨工资。

15. I heard… 我听说

I heard that you're getting married. Congratulations! 听说你要结婚了,恭喜恭喜!

16. I see… 我知道

I see what you mean. 我了解你的意思。

17. I can't… 我不能……

I can't do this. 我不能这么做。

18. Let me… 让我

Let me explain why I was late. 让我解释迟到的理由。

19. Let's…! 让咱们……吧!

Let's have a beer or something. 咱们喝点啤酒什么的。

20. Where is…?

Where is your office? 你们的办公室在哪里?

21. What is…? ……是什么?

What is you plan? 你的计划是什么?

22. When is…? 什么时候……?

When is the store closing? 这家店什么时候结束营业?

23. Would you care to…? 要不要……

Would you cara to see it/sit down for a while? 你要不要看/坐一会儿呢?

24. Are you sure…? 你肯定……吗?

Are you sure you can come by at nine? 你肯定你九点能来吗?

25. Am I allowed to…? 我可以……吗?

Am I allowed to stay out past 10? 我可以十点过后再回家吗?

26. be scheduled to… 排定时间或日期

The meeting was scheduled for two hours, but it is not over yet. 会议原定了两个小时,不过到现在还没有结束。

27. birthday is… 生日是在……

Tom's birthday is this week. 汤姆的生日就在这个星期。

28. Can you…? 能请你……吗?

Can you cover for me on Friday/help me/tell me how to get there? 星期五能不能请你替我个班/你能帮我吗/你能告诉我到那里怎么走吗?

29. Could you… 能否请你……

Could you do me a big favor? 能否请你帮我个忙?

30. crazy about… 对……很着迷

He is crazy about Crazy English. 他对疯狂英语很着迷。

31. Can you imagine…? 你能想像……吗?

Can you imagine how much he paid for that car? 你能想像他那部车付了多少钱吗?

32. Can you believe…? 你相信……?

Can you believe that I bought a TV for $25? 你相信我用25美元买了一台电视吗?

33. Did you know…? 你知道……吗?

Did you know he was having an affair/cheating on his wife? 你知道他有外遇了吗/欺骗他的妻子吗?

34. Did you hear about…? 你听说……了吗?你知道……吗?

Did you hear about the new project? 你知道那个新项目吗?

35. Do you realize…? 你知道……吗?

Do you realize that all of these shirts are half off? 你知道这些衬衫都卖半价吗?

36. Do you mind if I…? 你介意……吗?

Do you mind if I take tomorrow off? 你介意我明天请假吗?

37. enjoy… 很喜欢……

I enjoy working with you very much. 我很喜欢和你一起工作。

38. ended up… 最终是……

Did you know that Stone ended up marrying his secretary? 你知道吗?石头最终和他的秘书结婚了。

39. get together… 聚在一起……

Let's get together for lunch. 让我们聚在一起吃顿午餐吧。

40. getting…for… 获得……以作为……

I'm getting a new computer for birthday present. 我得到一台新电脑,作为我的生日礼物。

41. How did you do on…? 你……的表现如何?

How did you do on your test? 你这次考试的结果如何?

42. Do you think…? 你认为……?

Do you think you can come? 你认为你能来吗?

43. How was…? ……还好吧?

How was your weekend? 你周末过得怎么样?

44. Here… 在这里,这是……

Here is my card. 这是我的名片。

45. be used to… 他习惯于……

He is used to eating out all the time. 他已经习惯了在外面吃饭。

46. Have you ever…? 你有没有……?

Have you ever driven a BMW? 你有没有开过"宝马"?

47. How about…?……怎么样?

How about if we go tomorrow instead? 我们改成明天去怎么样?

48. How do you like…? 你喜欢……吗?

How do you like Hong Kong? 你喜欢香港吗?

49. How do you want…? 你要怎么样的……?

How do you want your steak? 你的牛排要几分熟?

50. How did…do…? 如何做到……?

How did Mary make all of her money? 玛丽所有的钱是怎么赚到的?

51. How did…? ……进行得怎么样?

How did the game turn out? 球赛结果怎么样?

52. How was…? ……怎么样?

How was your date? 你的约会怎么样?

53. How are you doing with…? ……做得如何?

How are you doing with your new boss? 你跟你的新上司处得如何?

54. How should I…? 我该如何……?

How should I tell him the bad news? 我该如何告诉他这个坏消息?

55. How much…? 多少……?

How much money did you make? 你赚了多少钱?

56. How much does it cost to…? ……要多少钱?

How much does it cost to go abroad? 出国要多少钱?

57. How long will it take to…? 去……要多久?

How long wil it take to get to your house? 到你家要多久?

58. How long have you…? 你……多久了?

How long have you been here? 你在这里多久了?

59. How…! 多么……!

How nice/pretty/cold/funny/stupid/boring/interesting!…

60. How about…? ……如何?……怎么样?

How about going out for dinner? 出去吃晚餐如何?

61. I'm sorry… 我对……很遗憾难过。

I'm sorry that you didn't get the job. 很遗憾,你没有得到那份工作。

62. I'm afraid… 我恐怕……

I'm afraid that it's not going to work out. 我恐怕这事不会成的。

63. I guess… 我想……

I guess I could come over. 我想我能来。

64. Is it okay to…? ……可以吗?

Is it okay to smoke in the office? 在办公室里抽烟可以吗?

65. It was kind of… 有一点……

It was kind of exciting. 有一点刺激。

66. I know what… 我知道……是什么。

I know what you want. 我知道你想要什么。

67. Is that why…? 就是这个缘故才导致……吗?

Is that why you don't want to go home? 就是这个缘故,你才不想回家的吗?

68. I'm sure… 我很肯定……

I'm sure we can get you a great/good deal. 我很肯定我们可以帮你做成一笔好交易。

69. help…with… 帮忙做……

Would you help me with the report? 你愿意帮我写报告吗?

70. I didn't know… 我不知道

I didn't know he was the richest person in the world. 我不知道他是全世界最有钱的人。

71. I'll have to… 我必须……

I'll have to ask my boss/wife first. 我必须先问一下我的老板/老婆。

72. I take it… 这么说来,我认定你是……

I take it you don't agree. 这么说来,我认为你是不同意。

73. I tried… 我试过……

I tried losing weight, but nothing worked. 我曾试着减肥,但是毫无效果。

74. It makes no sense to… 做……丝毫不可理解

It doesn't make any sense to get up so early. 那么早起来,没有任何意义。

75. It feels like… 它感觉上像是……

It feels like spring/I've been here before. 感觉好像春天到了/感觉好像我以前来过这里。

76. It took…表示时间的词…to… 做某事花了时间

It took years of hard work to speak good English. 讲一口流利的英语需要多年的刻苦操练。

77. I wonder if… 我在想是否……

I wonder if they can make it. 我在想他们是不是能办得到。

78. It's not as…as… 它不像……一样……

It's not as cold/hot as it was yesterday. 今天的天气不像昨天的那么冷/热。

It's not as easy as you think. 它不像你想象的那么容易。

79. It's not…, it's… 不是……的问题,而是……

It's not his work that bothers me it's his attitude. 因扰我的不是他的工作,而是他的态度。

80. It sounds… 听起来……

It sounds like you enjoyed it. 听起来你好像蛮喜欢的。

81. It seems… 好像……

It seems to me that he would like to go back home. 我觉得他好像想要回家。

82. It looks… 看起来……

It looks very nice. 看起来很漂亮。

83. Is everything…? 一切都……吗?

Is everything under control? 一切都在掌握之中吗?

84. I thought… 我以为……

I thought you could do a better job. 我以为你的表现会更好。

85. It's time to… 是……的时候了。

It's time for us to say "No" to America. 是我们对美国说“不”的时候了。

86. It's supposed to… 那应当是……

The show is supposed to be good. 这场表演应当是相当好的。

87. It really depends on… 那全看……情况而定。

It really depends on who is in charge. 那纯粹要看谁负责了。

88. It involves a lot of… 那要牵涉到很多……

It involves a lot of hard work. 那需要很多的辛勤工作。

89. in…favor 对……有利

That might be in your favor. 那可能对你有利。

90. I didn't realize… 我不知道……

I didn't realize how much this meant to you. 我不知道这个对你意义有多大。

91. I didn't mean to… 我不是故意……

I didn't mean to offend you. 我不是故意冒犯你。

92. I was wondering if… 我想知道……

I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend. 我想知道这个周末你有什么要做。

93. May I…? 我可以……吗?

May I have you attention, please? 请大家注意一下。

94. This is great…weather. 这是个……的好天气。

This is great golfing/swimming/picnic weather. 这是个打高尔夫球/游泳/野餐的好天气。

95. Thanks for… 谢谢你……

Thanks for taking me to the movie. 谢谢你带我去看电影。

96. too…to… 太……以致于不能……

I am too tired to speak. 我累得说不出话来。

97. There is… 有……

There is a TV show about AIDS on right now. 电视正播映一个有关爱滋病的节目。

98. Would you…? 你能……

Whould you tell me your phone number? 你能告诉我你的电话号码吗?

99. Where did you…? 你从哪里……呢?

Where did you learn to speak English? 你从哪里学会说英语的呢?

100. What do you think of…? 你认为……如何?

What do you think of his new job/this magazine? 你对他的新工作/这本杂志看法如何?

101. What makes you…? 什么事让你……呢?

What makes you change your mind? 什么事让你改变了主意?你不是说这一次学英语一定要坚持到底吗?!


— 来回狂读,溶入血液,脱口而出,一步登天!

If you learn the following sentences and nothing else you will be able to communicate with no problem! Besides, you can try to teach these sentences to foreigners to help them communicate while they are in China. You will make friends and money. You'll gain valuable experience and a lot of confidence.

1. Absolutely not. 绝对不是。

2. Are you coming with me? 你跟我一起去吗?

3. Are you sure? 你能肯定吗?

4. As soon as possible. 尽快。

A: When does this work need to be finished? 这工作需要什么时候完成?

B: As soon as possible. 尽快。

5. Believe me. 相信我。

6. Buy it! 买下来!

7. Call me tomorrow. 明天打电话给我。

8. Can you speak slowly? 请您说得慢些好吗。

9. Come with me. 跟我来?

10. Congratulations! 恭喜恭喜。

11. Do it right. 把它做对。

12. Do you mean it? 你是当真的吗?

13. Do you see him often? 你经常见到他吗?

14. Do you see it? Do you understand? 你明白了吗?

15. Do you want it? 你要吗?

16. Do you want something? 你想要些什么?

17. Don't do it. 不要做。

18. Don't exaggerate. 不要夸张。

19. Don't tell me that. 不要告诉我。

A: We have to attend a boring meeting tomorrow. 明天我们要参加一个枯燥的会议。

B: Don't tell me that. I wanted to relax and go shopping. 不要告诉我,我想轻松一下,上街去购物。

20. Give me a hand. 帮我一下。

21. Go right ahead. 一直往前走。

22. Have a good trip. 祝旅途愉快。

23. Have a nice day. 祝你一天过得愉快。

24. Have you finished? 你做完了吗?

25. He doesn't have time. 他没空。

26. He is on his way. 他现在已经在路上了。

27. How are you doing? 你好吗?

28. How long are you staying? 你要呆多久?

29. I am crazy about her. 我对她着迷了。

30. I am wasting my time. 我在浪费时间。

31. I can do it. 我能做的。

32. I can't belive it. 我简直不能相信。

A: Stone was thrown into jail last night! 石头昨晚进了监狱。

B: I can't believe it! He's such a great guy. This news will kill his mother! 我简直不敢相信!他是个多么了不起的人!这消息会让他妈发疯的。

33. I can't wait. 我不能再等了。

34. I don't have time. 我没有时间。

35. I don't know anybody. 我一个人都不认识。

36. I don't like it. 我不喜欢。

37. I don't think so. 我认为不是。

38. I feel much better. 我感觉好多了。

39. I found it. 我找到了。

40. I hope so. 我希望如此。

41. I knew it. 我早知道了。

42. I noticed that. 我注意到了。

43. I see. 我明白了。

44. I speak English well. 我英语说得很好。

45. I think so. 我认为是这样的。

46. I want to speak with him. 我想跟他说话。

47. I won. 我赢了。

48. I would like a cup of coffee, please. 请给我一杯咖啡。

49. I'm hungry. 我饿死了。

50. I'm leaving. 我要走了。

51. I'm sorry. 对不起。

52. I'm used to it. 我已经习惯了。

53. I'll miss you. 我会想念你的。

A: I'm leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow. 我明天去香港。

B: I'll miss you. 我会想你的。

54. I'll try. 我试试看。

55. I'm bored. 我很无聊。

56. I'm busy. 我很忙。

57. I'm having fun. 我玩得很开心。

58. I'm ready. 我准备好了。

59. I've got it. 我明白了。

60. I've had it. 我受够了。

61. It's incredible! 真是难以置信!

62. Is it far? 很远吗?

63. It doesn't matter. 没关系。

64. It smells good. 闻起来很香。

65. It's about time. 是时候了。

66. It's all right. 没关系。

67. It's easy. 很容易。

68. It's good. 很好。

69. It's near here. 离这里很近。

70. It's nothing. 没什么。

71. It's time to go. 该走了。

72. It's different. 那是不同的。

73. It's funny. 很滑稽。

74. It's impossible. 那是不可能的。

75. It's not bad. 还行。

A: What do you think about the used car I just bought? 你觉得我刚买的那部旧车如何?

B: It's not bad. 还行。

76. It's not difficult. 不难。

77. It's not worth it. 不值得。

78. It's obvious. 很明显的。

79. It's the same thing. 还是一样的。

80. It's your turn. 轮到你了。

81. Let me know. 告诉我。

82. Let me see. 让我想一想。

83. Me too. 我也一样。

84. Not yet! 还没有!

85. Relax! 放松!

86. See you tomorrow. 明天见。

87. She is my best friend. 她是我最好的朋友。

88. She is so smart. 她真聪明。

89. Show me. 指给我看。

90. Tell me. 告诉我。

91. Thank you very much. 多谢。

92. That happens. 这样的事情经常发生。

A: I can't believe that I called my girlfriend/wife/father the wrong name. 我不敢相信我竟然叫错了女朋友/妻子/父亲的名字。

B: That happens. 这种事情经常发生。

93. That's enough. 够了。

94. That's interesting. 很有趣。

95. That's right. 对了。

96. That's true. 这是真的。

97. There are too many people here. 这里人太多。

98. They like each other. 他们互相倾慕。

99. Think about it. 考虑一下。

100. Too bad! 太糟糕啦!

101. Wait for me. 等等我

102. What did he say? 他说什么?

103. What do you think? 你认为怎样?

104. What is he talking about? 他在说些什么?

105. What terrible weather! 多坏的天气!

106. What's going on/What's happening/What's the problem? 怎么样啦?

107. What's the date today? 今天几号?

108. Where are you going? 你去哪里?

109. Where is he? 他在哪里?

110. You are impatient. 你太性急了。

A: I don't think my daughter will ever learn to speak English! 我觉得我女儿不可能学会说英语了!

B: I think you're too impatient. She's only three years old! 你太性急了。她才三岁!

111. You look tired. 你看上去很累。

112. You surprise me. 你让我大吃一惊。

113. You're crazy. 你疯了。

114. You're welcome. 别客气

115. You're always right. 你总是对的。

116. You're in a bad mood. 你心情不好。

117. You're lying. 你在撒谎。

118. You're wrong. 你错了。


— 50 个句子,让你练得口干舌燥!

Greatest Sentences Ever to Practice [æ] Sound

1. If you exaggerate, you will sound fantastically American! 如果将发音夸大一些,你听起来会美国味十足!

2. 👇

A: My exam was a disaster. 我的考试简直是一塌糊涂。

B: You didn't pass? That's too bad. You'll have another chance. 你没有通过吗?太遗憾了。你会有另外一个机会的。

A: No. That was my last chance. 不,那是我最后一次机会。

3. That's a fact. 那是事实。

4. Saturday I am planning to go dancing. 星期六我计划去跳舞。

5. I am happy/glad to have you back from Japan. 我很高兴你从日本回来。

6. That man/actor had a bad accent and bad grammar. 那个男人/演员口音很糟糕,且语法错误很多。

7. 👇

There was a bad traffic accident. 发生了一起糟糕的交通事故。

That hacker ran into the back of my van and killed my cat. 出租车撞到了我面包车的后背,撞死了我的猫。

Too bad it wasn't my wife because I loved my cat. 太遗憾了,死的不是我太太,因为我爱我的猫。

8. Don't laugh behind other people's back. 不要在背后取笑别人。

9. Come back after you finish your math exam. 完成数学测验之后回来。

10. My grandfather was a bad man, and he treated my grandmother very badly. 我的祖父是个坏人,他对祖母非常不好。

11. I'm so glad that nothing bad has happened. 我很高兴没发生什么糟糕的事情。

12. As a matter of fact, I think he is an asshole『讨厌的人;肛门;屁眼儿』. 事实上,我认为他是个混蛋。

13. Look at that fat ass on that fat man. 看看那个胖子的屁股多大。

14. You're not such a had apple/bad egg after all. 你毕竟还不是太坏。

15. There's always a bad apple in every class. 每个班都有几粒老鼠屎。

16. Good employees get a pat on the back, while good secretaries get a pat on the ass. 员工表现得好老板会拍拍他的背,而秘书做得好老板则会拍拍她的屁股。

17. She deserves a pat on the back. 她应该得到表扬。

18. Pats on the back weren't enough, he wanted fast cash. 只有表扬是不够的,他要的是看得见、摸得着的现金。

19. These back-to-back appointments are giving me a heart attack/killing me/affecting my health. 这一连串的约会使得我疲于奔命。

20. Back-to-back defeats made him sad. 连续的失败使他很伤心。

21. Stop picking on me and get off my back. Man! I've had it. 别再对我进行挑剔,别再找我麻烦了。我受够了!

22. Get off my back, will ya? I'll do it when I have time. 别罗嗦了,好不好?我有时间就去做。

23. Get your crap off my bed! 把你那些乱七八糟的东西从我床上搬走。

24. Laughter has no foreign accent. 笑声没有外国口音。

25. Such men are the backbone『骨干;支柱;基础』of the country. 这样的人是国家的栋梁。

26. Selfishness and unhappiness often go hand in hand. 自私的人通常无幸福可言。

27. He who laughs last laughs best. 谁笑到最后,谁就笑得最好。

28. The voters had a backlash against rising gas taxes. 投标人强烈反对增加汽油税。

29. A bad black man tried to crash the rally, but my dad called the cops. 一个黑人坏蛋企图要混进我们的聚会,我父亲打电话叫来了警察。

30. The manager was hired at a handsome salary. 这个经理被高薪聘用。

31. We must take action before it is too late. 我们必须及早采取行动。

32. Actions are more important than words. 行动胜似语言。

33. That man is always handing out『给予』unwanted advice. 那个人总是给别人没有用的建议。

34. We handed in our exams at the last minute of the class. 在下课的最后时刻,我们交了考试卷。

35. The two brothers worked hand in hand. 两兄弟携手合作。

36. The family went to the graduation at Stanford. 全家人去斯坦福大学参加了毕业典礼。

37. I ran as fast as I could. 我跑得不能再快了。

38. We had to act fast. 我们不得不尽快行动。

39. It happened in the past. 它发生在过去。

40. Don't miss your last chance. 不要错过最后的机会。

41. It is absolutely impossible to cure AIDS. 要治愈艾滋病是绝对不可能的。

42. We will have a fat chance to win the game on Saturday. 我们几乎没有可能赢得星期六的比赛。

43. Casual dress is becoming more and more fashionable. 休闲服装变得越来越流行了。

44. The match won't catch. 这火柴擦不着。

45. The dog went after a rabbit but didn't catch it. 狗追兔子,但没有逮住兔子。

46. The mad dog ran past Dan. 那疯狗从丹身边跑过。

47. Alice dashed to the back of the shack『简陋木屋』to stash『 藏匿;存放』the bag. 艾丽斯跑到小木屋后面把包藏起来。

48. Stan took a rabbit from his magic hat. 斯坦从他的魔术帽里把兔子拿出来。

49. 👇

A: Damn it. 混蛋。

B: Watch your mouth! 嘴巴放干净一点。

A: I learned that bad habit from you. You should have watched your mouth first. 这个坏习惯是你传给我的。你要先注意自己。

nasty: dirty, bad, unpleasant, disgusting, unkind, offensive, bad to deal with or experience.

1. a nasty mind 卑鄙肮脏的思想

2. nasty language 污秽不堪的语言

3. live a cheap and nasty life 过低贱的生活

5. It's a tacky, nasty little movie. 这是一部庸俗下流不值一看的电影。

6. a nasty smell 难闻的气味

7. a nasty taste 难吃的味道

8. cold, wet, nasty weather 寒冷多雨的恶劣天气

9. a nasty habit 恶心

10. a nasty temper 臭脾气

11. a nasty attack of cough 一阵剧烈的咳嗽

12. a nasty accident 严重的事故

13. a nasty look in his eyes 眼露凶光

14. a nasty room 脏乱的房间

15. a nasty book 下流书

16. say nasty things about sb 恶语中伤某人

第四节:四星级 五星级 六星级单词全面奉献



to succeed in doing; finish successfully; complete. 做成功;完成;实现;达成

All the following sentences may seem very difficult.
That's because "accomplish" is a six-star word and six-star words are only found in challenging sentences!
With a little hard work and determination you can accomplish your goal of mastering them all.

  1. They accomplished their mission. 他们完成了使命。
  2. A lazy man can never accomplish anything. 懒惰的人永远一事无成。
  3. We tried to arrange a peace agreement, but accomplished nothing. 我们试图达成和平协议,但毫无成效。
  4. She's accomplished a lot/great deal in the last few weeks. 她在前几个星期里做成了很多事情。
  5. The task of modernization will not be accomplished in one generation. 现代化的任务不是一代人所能完成的。
  6. How did they accomplish so much so quickly? 他们何以能如此迅速地取得这么巨大的成就?
  7. I don't think our President's visit to Japan really accomplished anything. 我认为我们总统访日并未取得什么真正成效。
  8. Crazy English is the best method to accomplish your goal of conquering English. 疯狂英语是实现征服英语这一目标的最好方法。
  9. We can absolutely accomplish whatever you can with better and quicker results. 你们能做到的事情,我们也能做到,而且会做得更快更好。
  10. We need capable and experienced hands, ideas just don't accomplish themselves. 我们需要有能力和经验的老手,只有想法并不能成事。
  11. Frankly speaking, I don't see what you can possibly accomplish here. 坦率地说,我看不出你在这儿能干出什么来。
  12. All this work was accomplished in a week. 所有这些工作都是在一个星期内完成的。


— 两篇文章让你吃透两条语法

第 1 篇:巨大的进步

A Big Improvement

Paul recently completed/finished a Crazy English class, and he's very proud of the results.


His family has noticed that he's speaking English more loudly, more clearly, more fluently and more confidently than ever before.


His boss has noticed that he's more effective and successful in his work.


All his friends tell him that he's friendlier, less shy and more outgoing than before.


And Paul himself has noticed that he's more comfortable and relaxed when he speaks in front of people. and he's even enjoying himself more at parties.


Paul is feeling much better about himself these days. That's why he's now recommending Crazy English to everybody he knows.


Feeling good about yourself is the key to a happier and more productive life.


Being a good English speaker will definitely make you feel good about yourself.


第 2 篇:辛劳的回报

Hard Work Pays Off

2000 was a great year for Donna. 2000 年对唐娜来说真是太幸运了。

In January she was hired by the Stone-Cliz International English Promotion Company as a personal assistant.

她一月份被 Stone-Cliz 国际英语推广公司聘为私人助理。

In Marych she was sent to school by the company to study information management.


In April she was given a raise.


Just one month later, she was promoted to the position of supervisor of her department.


In July she was chosen "Employee of the Month".


In September she was given another raise.


In October she was invited to apply for a position in the company's overseas office in New York.


And in December she was given the new job and flown to America to begin to work.


Donna certainly has had a very incredible year.


She can't believe all the amazing things that have happened to her since she was hired just one year ago.


You see, hard work and devotion paid off for Donna.


She knows the golden rule "you must give to receive".


She gave one hundred percent effort to her job and reached unbelievable success!



— 江泽民主席接受美国《新闻周刊》采访

Q: What impressed you during your U.S. visit? 此次美国之行有什么令您印象深刻?

A: What impressed me most was that wherever I went, I was received in a very friendly manner by the American people.


And I was given a very warm reception by the U.S. government, and the various non-governmental organizations.


And I was able to have very sincere and candid conversations with people from various walks of life including government officials.


And these exchanges of views have proven very helpful in promoting mutual understanding between the two sides.



— 单相思,我该怎么办?(unrequited love 单恋)

Dear Miss Know-it-all


In 1997, when I was finishing college, I met a beautiful girl and we became good friends.

在我 1997 年大学毕业之际,我遇上了一位漂亮的女孩并成为了好朋友。

After graduation we kept in touch through letters


Gradually I found I was in love with her.


As a result, I refused the advances of another woman I knew in my office, and at that point, I realized I should make my feelings known to the woman I loved.


I wrote a letter to her expressing my love. She responded right away.


To my great disappointment, she refused my love, saying she had always thought of me as her big brother, and that she just enjoyed exchanging ideas and thoughts with me.


I am in so much pain now and don't know what to do.


Should I continue to keep in touch with her or forget her and disappear from her life?


I hope that I can get some advice from big sister Miss Know-it-all. 我希望万事通大姐能给我一些建议。

Dear Li Yang


On a pain scale of one to ten, unrequited love, or love that is given but not returned can be right up there just above an operation or a visit to the dentist. It is much worse than both. Medical procedures tend to heal quickly. But broken hearts can take years to heal and sometimes never do.


Most of us have our first run in/encounter/experience with unrequited love in our late teens during high school.


We watch from afar as our truly beloved wanders the halls of the school.


We make every effort to spend as much time with that person as possible.


We also make every effort to be sure that person does not know how in love we really are.


But that is no way to go through life.


So then comes the inevitable/unavoideble day when we have watched "Titanic" too many times or listened to too much Celine Dion, and we get up our courage and go to them in a dramatic flurry, and confess our true feelings.


A couple of hours later it is all over with, and all we want to do is turn back time and go back to admiring them from afar.


We want to go back to the sweet taste of our fantasies, thinking how wonderful it will be when we can be together.


We want to go back there because rejection leaves a bad taste in our mouths that we can never quite get rid of.


My advice to you is let her go. You can't force her to fall in love with you.


The only thing wrose is begging her to love you.


It is difficult for me to even advise you to maintain your good friendship with her, because much like being on teeter-totter with someone heavier than yourself, things will just never be even/balanced/equal.


I hope you feel better and I wish you the best of luck!


Sincerely, Miss Know-it-all


— 英语真正突破和成功的开始

I'm sick and tired of having to support of my brother/husband just because he refuses to go out and find a job.


Going Out for the Evening 晚上外出

A: Let's go to the movies. There's a good one playing now.


B: I'd like to, but I can't. I really have to study. I wasted the whole afternoon, I forgot I had to brush up on my English, Then, all of a sudden I remembered.


A: Oh, come on! We'll be home early/before 11.


B: No, I'd better not. I have a big exam tomorrow. I was about to study when you came in. You know how it is, If you don't study, you don't pass. That goes without saying.


A: Exam? Tomorrow? Oh-oh!


B: What's the matter/What's wrong?


A: I just remembered. I have a test, too!


B: We can go to the movies some other time.



brush up on something: review something to make it fresh again in one's mind.


They came here to brush up on technology.


I really need to brush up on my English.


I'm going to give a speech tomorrow, so I have to brush up on my notes.


Professor Wang had not given a talk on management for a long time, so he had to brush up on some of the new ideas.



all of a sudden: something happening quickly; without advance warning.


Lisa looked very sad, but then, all of a sudden, she began to laugh.


All of a sudden, she burst into laughter.


They were sitting quietly when all of a sudden there was a loud noise.


It started out to be a sunny day. Then, all of a sudden, it became cloudy and began to rain.



had better('d better): should do something; ought to do something.


You had better not go out today.


I think we'd better discuss it more.


I'd better go now or I'll be late for class.

我最好现在就走, 否则我上课就会迟到。

You'd better take your raincoat because it's supposed to rain today.



about to: on the point of doing something.


We are just about to leave.


Cathy was just about to leave when Mr. Lee invited her to stay for dinner.


I'm not about to waste my time doing something foolish.


Stone was about to leave when the telephone rang.



goes without saying: something is so obvious that it doesn't have to be mentioned.


It goes without saying that our success depends on diligence.


It goes without saying that children should not play with guns.


Mary's an excellent student.


It goes without saying that her parents are very proud of her.


Anne just told me she can't go with us. It goes without saying we're disappointed.



What's the matter? = What is wrong?


What's the matter with Kate? She looks angry.


What's the matter with this computer?


How cold your hands feel! What's the matter with you?



1. I have to brush up on my French/English/history/grammar rules/speaking skills.
2. All of a sudden I woke up/I remembered her name/she left the room/it began to rain/Kim started to cry/Stone became angry/Bill began to laugh/Hillary wanted to leave.
3. I'd better not go to the movies tonight/tell Lee what happened/eat dinner now/lose those important papers/fail the exam/sell my car/buy that house/give that psycho my phone number.
4. I was about to kill myself when it began to rain/study when you came in/go when the phone rang/write her a note when she arrived/eat dinner when Stone called me/take a bath when the doorbell rang.
5. It goes without saying that we should be on time/time is money/honesty is the best policy/we must study hard/haste makes waste/a penny saved is a penny earned/many hands make light work/you're as old as you feel/education is important/good health is essential.
Any proverb can follow the idiom "it goes without saying" because their advice is so well known that it shouldn't need to be repeated.

6. What's the matter? You look angry/tired/upset/bored/pissed off/so happy/so sick/You're trembling/crying/Stone is yelling.












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